• Dear my princess,

    Hello, my princess.. 

    I want to warn you that I’ve been damaged more than I can keep count, and I know you probably have to, but I want to be the one to pick up the pieces and make you feel alive, loved, and beautiful again because you deserve all of the love, support, and confidence in the world. 

    My past relationships were LDR’s, and they broke me in half, and I’m trying to pick the pieces up before we meet. I don’t want you to have to deal with a big mess that I am right now. We’re both probably going through a lot right now, but it’s only going to bring us together sooner, just think about that, princess. 

    Your prince will be here waiting your arrival. 


    Your prince. 

  • Dear Future Girlfriend

    Dear Future Girlfriend,

         We are already together but you’re still my future. You’re sitting right next to me doing your homework and I’m in awe. I fall for you everyday and every second. I could write you an infinite amount of songs and poems, you bring the creative side out of me again. When people aren’t together anymore they say that they guess that they fell in love with the idea of who they thought were, but who you are is my idea of you, and I’m loving it very much. 

    Love, your girlfriend 

  • Dear future girlfriend,

    I often sit and wonder if I have met you yet, have I seen you just walking by me in a store or on the street. I often think what it would be like seeing you for the first time, I’d be in such aw of your beauty and your smile that will light up the room. I’ll be shy to talk to you at first but you think it’s adorable and it makes me feel special to know that you think that. I’ll take you out on a nice quiet first date just so we can get to know each other more, maybe just grab something to eat and then a walk through the park and when the sun goes down we will lay on a blanket and just talk the night away as we gaze up at the starts above. I won’t tell you this but that night I want to say that even though the stars shine so bright that none of them will ever be able to shine as bright as you. I’ll tell you that after the first few dates. You’ll just giggle and blush and i’ll lean over and give you a little kiss on the forehead. You will make me the happiest that I will ever be, and you will make me want to explore the world even more then I already do, it will be amazing to travel the world with you and to share those memories with you. I just hope that I will meet you soon because as each and every day that passes by I sit and think will today be the day? well I hope that you will read this one day and think it’s cute. I mean every word, well for now goodbye my future girlfriend I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Dear Future Girlfriend,
    I really need you right now. I need you to wrap your arms around me and tell me everything will be alright. I need your sweet little kisses and cuddles that go on for hours and hours. I need you to be mine.
    I can’t wait to spend every moment with you. I want to get dressed up and go on fancy, expensive dates with you. I also want to sit at home in our pajamas and watch cheesy Disney movies and eat junk food. I want to get to know every inch of you and every secret you possess.
    I promise you that once I find you I’ll never hurt you. If you’re willing to put up with a socially awkward, musical obssesed, completely ugly girl like me. I’d do nothing but love you.

  • dear future girlfriend,

    i’m going to open up to you. for the first time in years, i’m going to allow myself to be an open book. i want you to be able to read me better than you’ve been able to read anyone. i want you to learn me like the back of your hand. i want to learn you like the back of mine. teach me how to be vulnerable. i want you to be able to look at me and know what kind of mood i’m in; i want you to be able to see right through me. i want you to remind me what pterodactyls feel like. fuck butterflies. i don’t want faint flutters. when i see you smile at me, i want flip flops. i want it to feel like time freezes when i kiss you. when we’re making love, i want it to feel like we’re in an alternate universe where only you and i exist. i want to remember what it’s like to feel so strongly about someone that it makes me question everything; i want to wonder how it’s possible to care about someone as much as i care about you. you’re going to remind me what it’s like to feel. it’s going to be effortless, and i’m not going to see it coming. we’re going to be lying in bed one night, or maybe we’ll be driving in the car. i’ll glance over at you, so adoringly, and you’ll look over at me and smile. it’s going to be in that moment, that beautiful moment, that i realize that you demolished the walls that i spent years building up around me. you opened me up. you helped me grow. you taught me unconditional love. i’m not going to be scared. i’m not going to be tempted to run in the opposite direction. i’m going to feel bliss. they say that home is where the heart is, and for the first time in a long time, i’m going to feel home. i’m going to feel safe.

    and i hope to god that i make you feel the way that you make me feel. i want you to feel the pterodactyls. i want you to question everything that you’ve ever felt. i want to have knocked down your walls and i want you to feel bliss. i want you to realize in your own time, in your own beautiful moment, that i opened you up. that i helped you grow. i want you to feel unconditionally loved. i want you to feel home. i want you to feel safe.

  • It’s me, your future girlfriend from Southeastern Georgia

    Dear Future Girlfriend,

    I don’t know your name or how you look, but i’m pretty sure you deserve this note more than anybody. I know that I’ve been looking for someone like you for a very long time and I’m glad to have finally found you. I cannot wait to make you mine and cherish every second together until the very end. I promise not to judge you for any flaws you may have or struggles you might be dealing with. I know I’m not the most perfect or attractive girl there is, but I’m glad you looked past that just to be with me.

    I may sometimes get very insecure and jealous at times, but that’s only because I have a fear of someone stealing you away from me. I promise to spend every available second I have to be with you. I really hope you make your way into my life soon, heaven knows I need a girl like you. 




  • Anonymous said: Reading these reminds me not to give up. Others are searching too and we all have one thing in common: a yearning for our true love. This is a beautiful group and I'm glad it's here.

    This is a beautiful message, and I’m glad you’re here as well. <3 Have an amazing day, where ever in the world you may be. :)

  • Anonymous said: Future i'm your cousin najiyyah and ti is my Brother

    LMAO. I’m not too sure what this was…Please elaborate? 

  • Anonymous said: How to forgive

    If you’re asking how to forgive, all I can give is advise. Everyone will forgive and move on in their own way. What I would do to be able to forgive someone is to not let what they did take over my life. Forgiveness is accepting what has happened, and moving on. Change what you can in the future, and not dwell on the past. If this is in terms of forgiving someone for something they have done to wrong you, then I would suggest not letting the situation get the better of you. 

    Everyone forgives in their own way. What I do is just move on from that point, accept the situation, do what I can to help better the situation, and let go. Find a happy place where my mind is concentrated on positive energy. 

    I hope you’re doing okay and if you, or anyone else, needs advice I am always here to help in any way I can. <3

  • Dear future girlfriend,

    hi beautiful. man, i hope i can find you one day. i need you here,with me, in my arms. we can go stargazing,cuddle to your favorite song,go on road trips, go to cute concerts. i just want to love you. i would do anything for you. i’d love you endlessly. i’d be so in love with you, i’d rush just to see you. if you have depression, i’d stay up with you all night,i’d comfort you, i’d kiss your scars, i’d explain over and over again why,and how much i love you. please find me, i need you, i  can’t wait until we can be together. i love you. <3

    love, me.

  • Dear future girlfriend,

    I’ve finally come out to myself. It was a big step, I’ve been denying myself for so long, and I finally realized that I am not who my family wants me to be, and that’s okay. After being in shitty relationships for years, I finally realized, there’s nothing wrong with me, I’ve just been trying very hard to be something I’m not, looking for affection in all the wrong places. Nobody could really love me, because I didn’t love myself. I can’t go on pretending. I feel suddenly much more confident, knowing who I am and not trying to sweep it under the rug.

    I’m not sure who you are yet, but I know I’ll find you someday, and when I do I PROMISE you, I will be everything you deserve. Someday I will find you, the girl I’ve been looking for secretly for so long. I will fight for you, I will stand up with you when times are hard, I will pick you up when you fall down…

    I’m strange, and confusing, and not even a little bit perfect,
    and maybe I am a freak, like the people in my schools used to call me,
    and yes I have a lot of issues, and I’m broken, and sad,
    but I’m the best me that I can be.

    I will be your gentleman/lady/human.
    I will bring you flowers and memorize your favorite kind of candy.
    I will take you on cute dates, and cook you dinner, and go on adventures with you.
    I will look deep into your soul, and love you for what I see there,
    and I will open my soul up to you and let you see me, the real me,
    and hope that what you see doesn’t scare you away.

    I know I’ll find you someday.

    I just hope you’re willing to be found by me.


  • Anonymous said: Omg this is sooooo adorable! :)

    Thank you! Depending on where you are in the world, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. <3

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